How Clients Responded To Light at the Therapeutic Learning Center of Utah

What has been observed and documented at The Therapeutic Learning Center of Utah on 586 patients with use of the Shine With Light’s system in the spring of 2014.  Typical patients experienced 20 minute B setting sessions of light during the study time period.   A minimum of 4 sessions was typical.  Their blood was tested before and after and charts reviewed.

  • 56 patients reported acceleration of the healing processes of wounds, burns, and skin issues like pustules.
  • 148 patients reported 50 to 75% reduction in pain.
  • 220 patients were able to discontinue their anti-depressant medication while under direct supervision.
  • 20 patients that experienced social anxiety reported less isolation to home and increased motivation and ability to engage in family and church activities.
  • 18 patients, whose lab studies showed decreased Glutathione levels and associated debilitating fatigue showed 50 % increase in Glutathione and a 15 to 25% increase in energy.
  • 10 patients experiencing extreme anxiety and panic attacks, refractory to medications were prevented from having hospitalization.
  • 6 patients with ADHD and experiencing learning problems reported increased focus, concentration, and memory. They also reported improved school grades and relationships. No medications used

Overall Dr. Foster, APRN, PhD and the licensed massage therapist that she works with, Ally Sanchez, found that the Shine With Light “light systems gave us the ability to work with individual patients and multiple health imbalances with unprecedented ease, speed and precision.”

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