Kidneys and Lights

I want to share a great experience that I have had with the lights. I am in my mid-fifties, and was diagnosed in my early twenties with Kidney Disease. Through diagnostics, it was identified at that time that my left kidney was atrophied and badly damaged, functioning at less than 10%. Additionally, my right kidney also showed damage, and was functioning at 80% or less. Over the years, I have visited with a number of nephrologists and urologists, all with the same response. I have been told a number of times that the kidneys are non-repairing organs, and that kidney damage and kidney function is basically not recoverable when lost in a chronic long term degenerating condition.
I have been monitored for over 30 years, and seen my kidney function, most easily monitored through a lab value called GFR or glomerular filtration rate, decrease over time. The GFR is said to be the best test to measure your level of kidney function and to determine your stage of kidney disease. (I know, long story, but I wanted you to have the full picture.) Even with the damage, my GFR stayed in healthy ranges for a long time. We have always expected that at some time, though, that it would begin to drop. My GFR tended to hang between 60 and 65. In late 2015 my GFR dropped to 55, which technically put me from Stage 2 Kidney disease into Stage 3 Kidney disease.
In early 2016 I met Marta and Shirley, and was introduced to the lights. I purchased a light system a few months later, and began using them. At the end of the summer last year, I began to target my Kidney function more directly with the lights. In August of 2016, my GFR had increased to 65 from 55. In mid April this year, 2017, my GFR was 74. A 74 GFR is the highest that I have had in several years, and puts my safely into Stage 2, which is almost seen as normal for an adult of may age. So, with the support of the lights and essential oils, I went from a GFR of 55 to a GFR of 74!! Best news is that I feel better, have less swelling and better controlled blood pressure (which often gets high with kidney disease, as it’s hard for your body to eliminate excess fluids.)
My plan is to continue using the lights at an increased rate. I would love to see my GFR even higher.

Gretchen P – Texas.

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