Lowering Your Health Age By 9 Years With One Session?

The Heart Rate Variability Test or HRV is just an independent test by VitalScan.  It is the latest HRV assessment tool that is designed to provide a look into the many regulatory systems of the body and act as a compass as to what direction your health is headed.   It helps someone determine if they are headed in the right direction for optimum health.

This technology is not designed to diagnose or treat any disease but as an educational tool as to how well the following systems are able to regulate the body:  the Autonomic Nervous System, Neuro-Hormonal Regulation , The Chinese Meridian System.  Thus it can tell us whether we are in a fight or flight state or in a rest, digest, recover and heal state.  It shows us psycho-emotional balance,  the biological age that our body presents and the function of our chakras and aura.  When used as a before/after test with a light session, one can see if the light session helped to support the  body in moving in a positive direction for better long term energetic health.

We invite you to ask how you might receive this interesting test today.

Here are a before and after test.  Please note that this is an individual result before a light session then click on the link below to see the result following one 20 minute B setting session.  This is not a guarantee for how light therapy will support your body.

duncan before
Before A Light Session


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