Muscle Recovery – Light Therapy works better than ice.

This review of 5 studies took a critical look at whether light therapy is truly better than the standard use of ice post exercise that you will find in training rooms all over the US. Bottom line, the training rooms look to be in the dark ages – shining red and near infrared light on the the body (known as photobiomodulation or PBMT “was superior in reducing creatine kinase, inflammation markers, and blood lactate compared to cryotherapy following strenuous/high intensity aerobic or strength muscular exercise. PBMT was also shown to improve post-exercise muscle performance and function more than cryotherapy. Clinical Bottom Line: There is moderate evidence to suggest the use of PBMT over cryotherapy post-exercise to enhance muscle recovery in trained and untrained athletes. Shorter recovery times and increased muscle performance can be seen 24 to 96 hours following PBMT application. Strength of Recommendation: Based on consistent findings from all 5 studies, there is grade B evidence to support the use of PBMT over cryotherapy for more effective post-exercise recovery of skeletal muscle performance.” This is why I sent my daughter off with a portable light therapy system for her soccer games this weekend. Every athlete amateur to professional should be waking up to the reality that light is superior to ice. Shine With Light

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