Something Dr. Wayne Dyer Said

wayne - connected to god


Last night I was washing dishes and turned the tv on PBS.  Highlights from Dr. Wayne Dyer’s many shows on public television were running as part of a fundraising drive.  I was mesmorized by several things Dr. Dyer said, as usual.  He was a truly inspirational and awake human being.  One thing he talked about really hit home for me.  He talked about how we are all connected to one Source – we can call this source by many names – God, the Universe, the one light that connects us all.   Then he talked about how our connection to this source can become compromised and corroded and how important it is to find ways to reestablish this strong connection – to energize and clean the wiring.  I realized that this is what using our light energy systems feels like to me.  When I use the lights it feels like I am cultivating a strong connection to Source.  Dr. Dyer went on to say that any suffering we are experiencing is the result of a misalignment from source.  How important it is for us to find effective and powerful ways to connect in to this one light, this one love, this Source that connects us all.  Prayer, service to humanity, loving a child, loving one another – using our lights – these are all super powerful ways to restablish this powerful connection to the One Light that Connects Us All.

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