The Intelligent Pathways of Light

The brilliance & ease of light therapy. Light can travel from easy to treat areas like the legs to the deep brain. Exciting to see science documenting this as we have been experiencing with our light system owners for years that exact placement of the light source is not necessarily required for powerful results. Light can travel brilliantly to where it is needed.

The light in this study was NIr, near infrared light. “In summary, remote NIr-induced tissue protection is emerging as a promising therapeutic intervention. The idea of irradiating the leg to slow brain diseases with the intractability-to-date of dementia and parkinsonism would seem to be counter-intuitive and almost superstitious, had not three substantial biological principles been laid down in the pioneering work. First, the mammalian genome has been shown to include pathways of self-repair and self-protection which are expressed in key organs such as the brain, retina, heart and skin. Second, these pathways can be activated by therapeutic interventions, in the present work by NIr, at safe, low doses. Third, a major component of the therapeutic effect is systemic, involving circulation of a class of protective cells or molecules, and can be activated by irradiation of sites (e.g., bone marrow) well away from the target tissue.” Imagine the benefits of shining light daily.;year=2015;volume=10;issue=3;spage=349;epage=351;aulast=Johnstone

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