Your Biological Energy Clock

The idea of a body energy clock comes from ancient Chinese medicine and also has roots in Indian medical traditions as well.  As we set our clocks back last night, it is interesting to think about how the idea of a certain times of the day and night and the relation of a time cycle on our overall health.    This is one guide I found online and I liked it for how it illustrated how to support the body during it’s regeneration and activity time for different major organs and systems in the body.  People often have trouble with sleep by waking up between 1-3am   According to  body energy clocks that is a signal that the liver – which is regenerating most actively at this time – may be overwhelmed and could use some help detoxifying.  Try lemon water, a possible liver cleansing regime with diet and supplements,  checking out your environmental toxins and supporting the liver with blue light and calming & balancing frequencies.    If it is between 3-5 am that you are waking, then try a similar approach around the lungs.  Light energy at supportive frequencies,  reducing toxin exposure and supporting the lungs with diet and exercise are all suggestions to think about.

Reset your biological clock with blue-turquoise light, the range emitted from our light pads, right over the eyes to help reset the master circadian rhythm clock that is run by the light meter in the center of your brain- the pineal.  Research has found that healthy blue light in that area, especially in the morning hours is a great way to make sure your clock is tuned and ready to shine!

If you are working on a specific aspect of the body – you might try shining healthy light energy pulsed at supportive frequencies on the area of the body during it’s regeneration time to give that area extra support, tuning and nourishment.



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