Lumi  = Light

Ceuticals = self healing tool or therapy


We offer safe, effective, innovative light therapy technologies through the personal connection & support of our light owner community.

It is our mission to empower people to fulfill their highest purpose and truly shine in mind, body and spirit.

We invite you to join us and Shine with the Light of LumiCeuticals.

We are committed to

Safety & Efficacy

LumiCeuticals offers medical grade harmonic light therapy systems for office and home use that provide safe, comfortable and easy application for ultimate self-healing. Our products have FDA over the counter (OTC) clearances for pain relief, circulation enhancement, injury recovery, and the treatment of acne, fine lines and wrinkles.

We are the exclusive private label line of one of the world’s leading medical grade light therapy manufacturers. We are produced in their FDA registered facility that fully meets the ISO medical standards essential for FDA 510(K) medical devices.

Loyalty and Prosperity

LumiCeuticals products are exclusively marketed through our community of satisfied light system owners. Our relationship marketing program allows our owner ambassadors to share light powerfully across the United States and soon, the rest of North America, as our light family continues to thrive and grow. We are inspired by the growing body of strong science and the long, intuitive relationship that light has with our wellbeing. We value personal connections as the most powerful way to share our life-changing wellness technologies. We reward referrals and active business promotion through our combined direct sales and team sales approach which offers a chance for our LumiCeuticals Ambassadors to thrive financially by making a difference in the world with integrity and passion.

A Community of Ongoing Support and Education

LumiCeuticals customers form a unique and connected community which receives free, on-going, proprietary training and educational support programs, the best warranty in our industry and collaborative opportunities to learn and share.


We specialize in delivering safe and effective light wavelengths at custom harmonic resonance frequencies. Our systems feature a whole body, holistic approach to impact every physical, emotional and energetic system. Our patented designs provide the synergistic benefit of pulsed light to ignite cellular metabolism and resonance tuning to provide the mind, body and spirit with an environment that supports optimal health. We continually innovate and refine our harmonic light therapy tools through the Dutch design & engineering team of Light Tree Ventures and the feedback and experience of trusted medical & scientific advisors.

The Benefits of Joining Us


Light energy seminars, webinars & light research updates, weekly conference calls and ongoing light owner training.

Direct Sales & Team Earning Opportunities

We offer exclusive rights to distribute LumiCeuticals harmonic light systems in North America. Watch below to learn more. Join us as we spread light to the world.

Light System Ownership

Experience the value of harmonic light therapy every day when you join our light owner community. We offer personalized service to insure your ongoing satisfaction. Check out our full line of innovative products

Light System Sessions

Experience a 20-40 minute session. Contact us for a referral today.

Light System Trial

We make experiencing and sharing our light therapy products easy through our 14 day trial program.  Try a light therapy system in your own home. Enroll today.

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